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Fix QuickBooks Connector (OneSaas) errors in Wix

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how to fix QuickBooks Connector (OneSaas) errors in Wix.

We’ll show you how to fix common QuickBooks Connector errors in Wix.

Fix the QuickBooks Connector app launch error

Do you get the message "You Are Not Authorised" when you try to open QuickBooks Connector?

If you can’t open QuickBooks Connector in Wix, make sure you’re using Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for QuickBooks Connector.

If you’re using Google Chrome and you still get the error, sign in to QuickBooks Connector in a new tab, then try to open it again in Wix. If you still get the error, contact us.

Find out why you have missing orders

Wix has apps that customers can add to their sites. As mentioned in our app listings in the Wix app store, QuickBooks Connector can only pull data/orders from these Wix modules:

Note: Historical data sync isn’t possible with Wix Bookings, Wix Events, Wix Hotels, and Wix Invoices.

Limitation with syncing unpaid transactions

Another reason for missing orders is the limitation we have with syncing unpaid transactions.

QuickBooks Connector doesn't sync unpaid transactions for other supported Wix modules aside from the Wix store. Because of this, the Retrieve Store Orders with Payment Status section only applies to store orders.Retrieve Store Orders with Payment Status section in QuickBooks Connector settings.

If you set up the Order and Payment status filters correctly, but there are still missing orders, contact us.

Fix incorrect customer data from Wix Bookings

Unless all customer records from Wix Bookings have valid email addresses, QuickBooks Connector won’t get the correct customer data.

To make sure all their customer data is correct, Wix Bookings users need to make sure all their customer records have valid email addresses.

If all the customer records have valid email addresses, but the data sent to your accounting is still incorrect, contact us.

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