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Need help to convet pdf bank files from first national bank to import in quickbooks

tried execl but no success
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QuickBooks Team

Need help to convet pdf bank files from first national bank to import in quickbooks

Hi there, @slef-suppliers.


I want to ensure you can successfully import your First National Bank data to QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


Make sure you've selected the correct columns in the mapping stage. QBO can import CSV files that use either a 3-column or 4-column format. The file should contain the following information: Date, Description, and Amount


See the sample screenshot below. 


Here are the formats that you'll need to check:

  • Remove zeroes (0) from the file and leave those cells blank.
  • Select the column header labels (from the dropdowns) that match the column header labels in your CSV file.
  • Choose the Date format in a single format.

If the file format is properly map, you can now import transactions again. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Banking tab located on the upper left side. 
  2. Click the Update drop-down arrow and choose File Upload
  3. Hit the Browse button, then locate the file and Open
  4. Hit Next
  5. From the QuickBooks Account drop-down list, select the First National bank and click Next.
  6. Choose a Datedate formatDescription, and Account
  7. Put a checkmark on the transactions you want to import, then tap Next again. 
  8. Hit Yes

For the complete instructions and explanation, please browse through this article: Import bank transactions using Excel CSV files.


Once you've successfully imported the data, you can now assign the transactions to the specific category. For more information, please visit this article: Assign, categorize, edit, and add your downloaded banking transactions.


Keep me posted if you have other questions about QuickBooks. I'm always here to provide help. Have a good one.