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Add or Remove QuickBooks Online companies from wholesale billing

Learn how to add or remove your client's companies from wholesale billing. This is available if you use QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Eligibility requirements

For a subscription to be eligible for moving into Wholesale Billing, the subscription must meet the following criteria:

Note: We recently changed the wording on the Your Account/Intuit Account page from Adding clients to Wholesale to Add existing clients. We've also changed the text,  Remove from wholesale to Transfer billing to client.

Transferring billing to client (cancelling a client company)

​Note: If you're transferring billing to a client, you should first ensure you've Transferred the Master Administrator role to the client.

  1. Go to Settings ⚙️ then select Subscriptions and billing.
  2. Select any clients you want to remove. If the client is inactive, make them active before you continue.
  3. From the Batch Actions, select Transfer Billing to client.
  4. Select Remove.
  5. Read the notification, then select Continue.

Note: The Master Administrator will be sent an email notifying them of the cancellation with steps to resubscribe.

Adding existing clients (Adding clients to your Wholesale Billing account)

  1. Select Settings ⚙️ then Intuit Account/Your Account.
  2. Select Add existing clients. 
  3. Check the clients you wish to add, then select Add Clients.
  4. Read the notification, then select Continue.

Note: The Firm Owner will receive an email notifying them of the change to their wholesale billing subscription.

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