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FAQs: Practice Management for QuickBooks Online Accountant

Practice Management provides firms with the ability to manage clients and workflows by providing capabilities such as collaboration, document management, insights, and notifications. Here are some FAQs on this feature.

Users can filter by client, user, and/or work item (e.g., Projects, Tasks, and Requests).

There are no limitations to the number of tasks that can be created or assigned to a person, project, or date.

The ability to view or update a specific Task is controlled in the Client Access tab. Firm users who have access to the client for which the Project has been created are able to view and/or edit the Tasks under that Project. Client Access also controls who appears as selectable in the Assigned to drop-down menu within Projects and Tasks.

At this time, there are no time tracking capabilities for tasks. Please provide feedback for things you'd like to see in this new feature. Select Settings ⚙️ then Feedback.

Yes. Tasks such as payroll deadlines and reconciliation needs are automatically shown as tasks to complete. This feature can be turned off via the From QuickBooks toggle switch.


Practice Management can track projects and tasks for any client listed in your client list, even if they are not attached to a QuickBooks Online subscription. This iteration of the feature does not currently include requests.

No. Neither Tasks nor Projects can be converted. A new Task or Project would need to be created.

For instructions on how to set a project to recur (repeat) or duplicate a project, see How to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks.

To reassign a Project or Task:

  1. Select the Project or Task.
  2. Select a name from the Assigned to drop-down.

In order to assign work to a member of your team, they need to have signed into your firm at least one time. Have the user log in, view your firm, and then try again.

You can see these items by switching to list view. Beneath the Create Project button, is a grid icon and a list icon. Use these to switch between grid and list view at will.

You would usually set this status to show that something is preventing you from completing that work. This might help you track projects you need to come back to or let other members of your firm know that you need help. You can use it in whatever way is best for your firm's needs.

See How to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks for steps on setting projects to repeat.

You can view the completed work within the List view by filtering for the Done status. For more information about the List view and filtering, see How to get started with Practice Management and the Work tab.

At this time, you can choose to create your firm as a client within your QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) Dashboard. You can then select your firm as the assigned client, when creating a project and task.

The file size limitation 30MB (megabytes) per file. If a file is greater than 30MB in size, it can be compressed or sent through another means. There are no limitations on the number of files that can be uploaded.

Almost any file type can be uploaded. However, the service filters for files that might be viruses or something similar. For instance, you cannot upload an executable (.exe) file or a JavaScript (.js) file.

The My Accountant tab is a portal through which your client can access your requests and communications. When an accountant is not attached to a client’s subscription, this portal offers them the opportunity to be matched with an accountant. For this reason, the My Accountant tab cannot be turned off or removed.

The client will receive an email from If their email provider flags these notifications as spam, you can have your client whitelist this address.

Yes, you can now send requests to any customer on your client list. This includes customers who are not tied to a QuickBooks Online subscription.

Yes. The features of Practice Management are the same across all regions.

At this time that functionality is not available. You may have seen on some of the marketing videos that there are profile pics on the project cards when looking at card view. This is something that we are planning on implementing in a future release.

In grid-view, there is a From QuickBooks switch next to the filter drop-downs. Flip this switch to the off position (grey) to prevent all QuickBooks suggestions. To learn more about QuickBooks suggestions, see How to get started with Practice Management and the Work tab

Yes. You can open a second instance of QuickBooks Online Accountant in a private browsing window or use another Google user profile.

(To use Google's user profile feature, you must have Google Chrome. You can get Google Chrome here

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