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How to change a client’s status in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Client rosters change all the time. QuickBooks Online Accountant makes removing, re-adding, or deleting a client's status quick and easy.

  • In cases where you need to remove a client from your QuickBooks Online Accountant that client has to become inactive. (Note: If you made a client inactive, you can easily make them active again.)
  • You can also permanently delete a client so it no longer shows in your client list.
Note: Making a client inactive will still allow you to access the client if you need to and can be reversed at any time.

How to make a client inactive

There may be times when your interaction with a client temporarily ends. This is common for accountants who only perform quarterly or annual work for a client. In situations like this, you can minimise clutter in your client list by making a client inactive.

Make a client inactive in QuickBooks Online Accountant

  1. In the Navigation menu, click Clients to display your Client List.
  2. Click on the client's name.
  3. From the Edit Client drop-down menu, select Make inactive.
  4. When prompted, Are you sure you want to make client name inactive?, choose Yes. After selecting Yes, you will receive a notification that the client is now inactive. Your client will no longer show in the client list.
Note: The client will now have "(deleted)" after its name. This does not mean that the data has actually been deleted or that its users cannot access it, only that the client has been made inactive and removed from your client list.

How to make client active (again) 

  1. From the Navigation menu, click Clients to display your Client List.
  2. Click on the small gear icon, located just above the Client List header row.Make a client active in QuickBooks Online Accountant
  3. From the drop-down that appears, under Other, choose Include inactiveThis will display inactive companies in the Client List.
  4. Click on the client name.
  5. Click the Make Active button. After selecting the Make Active button, you will receive a notification that the client is now Active, and it will display in your Client List normally again.

How to permanently delete a client

If your relationship with a client has ended and you are looking to clear up your client list, you can delete the client from the Client list.

Permanently delete a client in QuickBooks Online Accountant

  1. Open the client's Name link from the Clients list's Name column.
  2. From the Edit client drop-down menu, select Delete permanently.
  3. Select Yes, when the confirmation prompt appears.

Things to Know Before You Delete a Client

  • Unlike making a client inactive, this option is permanent and cannot be reversed without the client re-inviting you to their company.
  • A client cannot be deleted if they are tied to Wholesale Billing.  These clients can only be made inactive.
  • A client cannot be deleted if the accountant is also the Master Administrator of the client company.  An error message will appear, "You can't delete a client who's made you their Master Admin."
  • A client cannot be deleted if their client record does not contain an email address.  Select Edit client, populate the Email field and Save the changes, then try again.
  • Any transactions associated with the deleted client, held within the Firm's Your Books, will not be lost when a client is deleted as these would alter the firm's registers, etc.
  • If you delete a client that also has ProConnect Tax Online (PTO) that will break the connection between that service and QuickBooks Online Accountant, and the client will no longer show in the QuickBooks Online Accountant Clients list. This will also remove the Trial Balance. They will still exist within ProConnect Tax Online.

Now you know how to manage your client list.

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