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VAT Detail Report filter by Chart of Account

Is there anyway to filter the VAT Detail Report by Chart of Account. For example, I have a Bill with an expense categorized under "Commissions and fees". The bill is unpaid, but VAT is still due on it (accrued accounting).


There is a "Distribution Account" filter on the VAT Detail report, but this doesn't seem to be the category on the bill. I've also tried enabling Classes and assigning a class, but again, as soon as I apply the filter, there's no results. Is there no way to filter VAT by CoA or class that the expense was assigned on Bills?



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Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

VAT Detail Report filter by Chart of Account

I've replicated your concern, Steven_ZA. 


You're unable to filter the report by a specific account. The transaction will automatically be under the specific block they're categorized, depending on the tax you've selected. I'll add this article to help you learn more about the report: VAT Detail Report.


You'll want to pull up the Transaction Detail by Account report instead. Then, customize it to the specific account and add the VAT amount. 


If there's anything else that you need, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be around to help you. Take care!