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Re: What does prosperity mean to you?

Leslie!  Oh, I know, it would have been great to see you lovely self...however, I absolutely understand the demands of an event like this. You were sweet to have Willow send on your hello! Smiley Happy   Great! I'm thrilled you will be a resource for the Portland box!  Thank you!


Ahh...YES!  I really resonnate with 'makes my heart sing'. I think we often don't stop to slow down and tune in to that energy to make sure it's in true alignment for us. As when we are...that is pure flow of life. Community and service...wonderful!  Just by being with Intuit, you are doing that for the small business, which I appreciate whole heartly! So thank you!  And, I can't take credit for the question...that was from your lovely circle at Intuit. A great question indeed!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!