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@WillowOlder, you are right - sooooo many business books to read, never enough time! However, I am currently gobbling up, "NICHE DOWN: How to Become Legendary by Being Different" by Christopher Lochhead and Heather Clancy. 


I'm just a couple of chapters in, but loving it so far. I am a FIRM believer that there is "riches in niches" if you are bold enough and believe in yourself enough to claim one.


Most entrepreneurs are terrified that if they niche their business they will miss out on opportunities (scarce mindset). When in fact, the exact opposite is true. When you commit to a niche and really OWN it with branding and messaging, it actually ATTRACTS the best clients who love what you do and will pay you a premium because you're an expert (abundant mindset). I think we need to talk about this is office hours tomorrow!!! You in?