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I'm looking forward to learning QuickBooks!!

Hello there!

I just starting to help my boss in the accounting department,

and I'm going to need all the help i can get :)

Thank you 

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Hello @Gabriel-Trejo! Here's a warm welcome to the QB Community. You've definitely found the right place for support and collaboration. It's wonderful to see you here. 

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HI, I'd be glad to help with what I can. Any specific questions yet? :)

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Do more with QuickBooks

Hey Gabriel, 


A very warm welcome o the QB Community. Congratulations on your new gig, I hope it will be an exciting adventure/learning experience. 


Another user @Anonymous started a similar discussion the other day (you are welcome to join in: https://qbcommunity.com/t5/Questions-about-QuickBooks/New-to-QB/). Keep checking back - we're starting to see some awesome suggestions about best practices for getting started. 


Has anything about accounting already piqued your interest?