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Price Rules and Quantity Pricing

We are using Enterprise Premier version with Advanced pricing. We are trying to move our pricing over from a previous POS and are finding the pricing rules a bit of a challenge.  We have Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers and quantity pricing that only applies to our Wholesale Customers.  We also have a few odds and ends wholesale customers who receive either all quantity pricing or a percentage off of their wholesale pricing. 


I set up a price rule for Wholesale, a price rule for Quantity pricing customers (the ones who receive quantity regardless) and used price levels (which through some magic actually works well in this situation) to set up percentages off of items purchased by the wholesale customers who receive the extra percentage. I also set up the quickbooks delivered quantity pricing so that we have that choice of price for our regular Wholesale customers. Our problem comes with the fact that the quantity pricing set up by quickbooks will not override any price rules or take into account the customer type.  So...if there is quantity pricing and we have a Wholesale customer who is purchasing quantity then we must be aware of that when we invoice and click in and change the pricing manually.


I'm just making sure that I'm not missing some other way to make this work. I'm sorry if this is a dead horse that has already been beat to death, but I haven't been able to find any examples of pricing similar to ours with pricing strategies included.  Thanks in advance for insight.