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Re: Hector Garcia Says: “Five Questions You Should Not Ask Your Accountant”

James, the issue most of the times is not "shady" bookkeeping, is more "lazy" bookkeeping, shortcut driven and with the intent to just lower the taxes...  


And I think that AFTER the books are accurate, AFTER the tax-related choices are optimized, AFTER the budget is created to help the business control their expenses, and AFTER the payroll controls are put in place to make sure there is "waste" created through the payroll system, AFTER the obvious opportunities for sales growth have been addressed, and AFTER all the mechanisms for improving cash flow are put in place... it comes time to move beyond the role.


But, often I find myself with clients that askt he same 2-3 questions EVERY SINGLE year, and somehow expect a different answer... and because they are stigmatized that the accountants have ONE role; which is to "stick to the script"; to me, it becomes a waste of talent and energy.


So I did this video to get THESE exact reactions "Accountants are not supposed to be doing that stuff..."  to challenge folks to think with an Advisory hat...  Otherwise, who will be the business advisors of the future? Marketers? MBA's? Engineers? I propose, it should be the accountants (but the ones that WANT This and not see this article/video as an attach to the profession... instead just see it as some sort of "tough love" encouragement to think outside the limited back of tricks that "accountants" are supposed to have.