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Certified and Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Resources

Just thought I’d share some info about taking the tests for ProAdvisor Certification and Advanced Certification.  In order to become certified or advance certified, you’ll need to take and pass the tests.  I found the certification tests to be straight forward, but the advanced certification tests were somewhat challenging due to the structure of the tests. 


Regardless, I’d highly encourage anyone looking to learn more about QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online to take these tests.  Study materials are provided, and the time spent studying for these credentials is well worth it.  Having these credentials is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from other accounting professionals.  They have transformed my business for the better as I frequently receive unsolicited inquiries from folks needing help with QuickBooks.  They find me/my profile via the find a ProAdvisor search under the Help menu in QuickBooks.


As with most things in my life, I created a system for taking these tests.  It’s nothing fancy, and somewhat simple, but it a helped me pass the tests.  I created a video with more details and it’s posted below.  Let me know if you have any questions about taking any of these tests by posting your questions on this discussion.


Also, if you’re a certified/advanced certified ProAdvisor, what other ideas/advice do you have about taking these tests?


Hope this helps!




Here are some useful links about the program: