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One Price Doesn’t Fit All - Categories and Pricing



It’s a popular saying in business: everything is negotiable. There are many reasons you might want to charge different customers different prices for your products or services. You might give a discount to your most loyal customers for buying in bulk. First-time customers might get a special price to bring them in the door. QuickBooks Online Plus makes flexible pricing simple with the Category option. Instead of creating a new product for every price, you create a product category with as many different prices you need within that category.


Let’s say you’re selling stickers. Rather than just adding stickers as a product, add it as a category instead. Then you can add differently priced items within that category (like “Case of 100 stickers” and “Single unit sticker”). If you’re organizing your existing items, it’s no problem to edit the item and fill in the Category field.




You can use these categories on invoices and sales receipts to find the items you want to sell quickly. Need to access bulk pricing for your biggest client, or just need to sell one item to a walk-up? Type the category name and you’ll find both options available at your fingertips.




How has flexible pricing changed the way you do business? Do you use QBO’s Categories function to make pricing easier?