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That's the thing @Rustler, they will not be forever, just 3 yrs.  Then they are gone!  At least that is my understanding.  Apparently, the amount of users that want advanced certified has dropped to "single digits" so the costs to maintain the test are too great for the lack of interest in the program.  


It is understandable why that is since the "other" test is free!  The desktop cert includes the software and comes with upfront costs.  It makes me wonder how long the "free" will last with online. 


Of course the BIG debate right now is this the beginning of the end of desktop?  But that is really a whole other debate.


I personally, do not think so.   Mr. Geek, Matthew @ParkwayInc ,has more insight as to numbers of desktop v online, so he has convinced me that desktop is here to stay!