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Re: Advanced ProAdvisor Certification to be Discontinued

I'm quite disappointed to have received this e-mail.  I, like all others who passed this exam worked quite hard in order to do so.  It is something of which we are proud and something that helps distinguish us and show our specialization in QB Desktop.  How would a CPA feel that worked so hard to pass the CPA exam if they heard that they were doing away with the CPA certification and the governing body which issued the certification would no longer acknowledge that certification after 3 years?   


I understand the advanced certification exam has had a decline in interest for people to pursue this certification.  It is understandable considering the push of QB Online.  Nonetheless, I don't believe those who earned the certification should have it dropped off their ProAdvisor profiles.  Stop offering the exam, but don't remove the certification from all those who earned it.


I was disappointed when they decided to no longer show all our past certifications.  This took away the ability for the customers searching through the ProAdvisor site to be able to view all our years of experience working with the product.


Now I do wonder about what will happen to our listing rankings once the advanced certification is gone.  As I understood it, being advanced certified had a big impact on appearing higher in the listings.  Some of us even worked hard to get advanced certified in both desktop and online.  Will we now drop in the listings as a result of having this certification taken away?