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Hi @Anonymous,


Your opinion and feedback are always welcome my friend!  


If, I had to guess what the ProAdvisor team would think to themselves, it would probably go a little like this....


"Oh sure, tell someone you’re going to take something away and all of a sudden it is the most important thing ever to them!"


So, I am going to be the first person to say, I am one of many responsible for this test going away, since I have not completed my Advanced Desktop Certification. I must confess I have been putting it off strictly due to the amount of time it requires to earn the badge.


 Throw Me a Badge Here.png

Appreciating the time, it takes us to pass it, I also respect all the time and energy (not to mention $$) that is required to develop, administer and manage the exams. When you take that into consideration, I cannot blame Intuit for announcing the exams retirement.


BUT I still stand by the fact the QuickBooks Desktop is still very much alive and kicking and will be a part of the Intuit product line up for many more years to come! If I had to guess, the U.S. will just see the transition from a per license model to a subscription model like other parts of the world.  (Right Canada?)


Oh yeah and @Anonymous, QuickBooks Connect is right around the corner! See you there??