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Re: Estimate Screen Modification

I would use the report I showed, customizing to keep what you need, and Export to Excel where you have a workpage for which types of activities need to meet which goals. QB reports will present the data, but are not great for analysis to targets or comparisons. I use Excel for this. Example:


You see the total for Services, which are typically set at the "retail" rate, already, as Price. Unless the scope of Work gets exceeded on a Bid or Fixed Fee contract, there is not typically a need to monitor Margin.


For Noninventory items, you might have these two-sided items set to 0 for Cost and Price, because they vary. That is an example where your estimator needs to Project likely purchase costs and a reasonable selling point, and you would want to compare to Expected Margin or Required profitability for that type of cost.


And, for Other Charge type items, such as Freight or Building Permits, there might never be any Markup or Profit.


So, you would take the report I show and Customize it, and filter on Only Noninventory, in my example here, then export that to Excel with the Lookup function where you already have documented "our requirement for margins or profit on these types of things."


That report is the Starting point.


The Estimate never includes Profit on it. It is your Source of the data, not the reporting analysis resulting from the data. It is Scope of Work and cost/price info.