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Do More with Apps: LOCATE Inventory

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How can I track inventory at multiple sites / warehouses using Quickbooks Online?


LOCATE (available in the US) allows you to create as many sites/warehouses as your business needs with unlimited locations (aisles, bins, etc.) within each site. LOCATE also allows you to establish Site Fulfillment Rules, which will automatically route incoming orders to the appropriate warehouse based on the order’s shipping address.


Additionally, LOCATE’s Vendor Sites are a useful way to accurately track inventory movement and timing at a third-party warehouse. For example: if you store inventory with a 3PL, or outsource a step of your manufacturing process (like packaging), Vendor Sites allow you to manage your inventory at those warehouses and maintain visibility with minimal effort. This makes relationships and transactions with your partners and vendors easier to manage and more transparent.


LOCATE is a cloud-based inventory management and manufacturing software that can be used with QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise and QuickBooks Online. Locate logo.png