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Do More with Apps: Bento for Business

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How can I manage employee expenses and receipts via Quickbooks online?


A common mistake that small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) make is using petty cash and employees’ personal credit cards for business expenses. This could lead to administrative headaches, bad cashflow and even business failure.


You can find more proactive options in expense management apps like Bento for Business (available in the US). With little effort, you can set budgets and pre-authorize employee spending via the Bento debit cards you distribute to employees, then manage the transactions and receipts right in your QuickBooks Online account.


Get started

  1. Create a Bento for Business account.
  2. Follow the prompts one screen to link a business bank account and add funds to Bento.
  3. Order as many Bento cards as you need for your employees.
  4. Set controls for each card to limit when, where and how much each employee can spend the funds available in Bento.bento for business logo.png