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Enabling multiple pricing feature

Hello Intuit community? It happens that I have UK Enterprise 14 and need to have 2 pricing such that total pricing per carton will be less cumulatively compared to one buying in packets. An example is a packet of 6 satchets of milk sells @ 5$ and a carton contains 4 packets. That shows  a customer buying 4 packets separately will buy @ 20$. Now it happens that a customer buying 1 carton will buy @ discounted price of 19$. Kindly assist how I can set these multiple pricing. 


Do more with QuickBooks

Hi there, kimondor.


I'm here to lend a hand in exporting your items so you can import it to the US version. 


To export, here's how:

  1. Go the Lists menu at the top.
  2. Pick Item List. 
  3. In the Export window, choose whether to create a new worksheet or update an existing worksheet.
  4. Tap the Export button. 

The system will open an MS Excel file. From there, you can edit the information as needed.


Once done, to import the file, you can select several options. It could be Standard importAdvanced import, or Add/Edit Multiple Lists


See this reference for more guidance: Import or export MS Excel files.


Add a comment below if you have any other concerns about exporting and importing items in QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you! Have a great day!

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