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Oh, I imagine there's a story here @Rustler! Where did you work before you struck out on your own, and how was that a prime example of people "rising to the level of their incompetence"?


Really, you really need an example of people rising to the level of their incompetence?  

20 years in the military where you get promoted based on time in grade
Civil service, where it takes the second coming to fire someone once they lock in 3 years
School teachers who are, as we said in the military, retired on active duty, just biding their time, knowing they have to really mess up, publicly, to get suspended with pay, much less fired.
professors with tenure

Or the guy who worked for Raytheon computer programming department, the department head, I had no degree, no official training in programming, but after I retired I applied for a programmer job.  I did the little silly exercises for them in real time, and his response was sorry you are over qualified!  A friend knew him personally, and found out for me that the reason I was over qualified, having NO previous training or experience (I was self taught), was that I breezed through the tests and top of that, provided a more elegant solution to the programming problem they posed than had  been done in the past.  His words quoted to me by my friend, "If I hire Jim, he will have my job in 2-3 years - not going to happen."

Or the guys who worked in a defence contractor I was hired at.  My job was figuring out how captured enemy electronic equipment worked.  Little did I know that you were not really supposed to do that, or at least not in timely manner.  And heaven forbid that you managed to write it up too.