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Quickbooksforinvestors.com - Reviews? Opinions?

I'm just starting out and don't have many transactions, but I need to get my books in order for my taxes due 10/15/2017. It's for a real estate investing entity. The point and click aspect of Quickbooks seems simple enough, but I want to get my chart of accounts and opening entries right.


Do you have any experience, or have you heard of, the service Quickbooksforinvestors.com? Any opinions you could provide would be greatly, greatly appreciated!




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Never heard of them, which doesn't mean they are not good.  Are you using QB Pro? That seems to be their specialty. 


I have heard of Seth David and R/E and QB desktop.  You can find him here.  I am not affiliated, but he is respected.  He has a lot of free content out there.  


Gita Faust, is also respected in her field for this type of business.  Additionally, many of the CPA's and ProAdvisors out there can help you.  

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I have never heard of them either so I can't comment on company.


My suggestion would be to find a Certified Quickboks Proadvisor in your area.




Sounds like you are in a bit of a time crunch and they can give you personalized assitance. Accountants can Account for any type of business :) 


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Disclaimer (I am a Certified Quickbooks Proadvisor and an Accountant)

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Never heard of them either.

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Never heard of them either. Find a trusted QuickBooks Proadvisor certified by intuit. I posted before with the link however I think that it will take a few days because I used the add link button on my comment. Basically an accountant can can account for any type of business (pun intended:)
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Great recomendation, @lynda! I believe the link @katyqbadvisors is talking about is the Find a Proadvisor site here: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/find-an-accountant/. It's a resource you can use to find local accountants and other experts who can help you get your QuickBooks set up for your specific circumstances.