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Great Question! 


While this is not exactly what you were asking I hope you will appreciate my answer...


Prior to Parkway Business Solutions, I spent about 14 years in the Mobile Electronics industry during which time I managed a couple multi-million-dollar locations.  Officially my title was Operations Manager, but somewhere between 2008 and 2010 I decided to get a special batch of business cards made just for special occasions.


As any business manager knows, it is your job to turn unhappy clients back into happy friends and this is where the business cards came into play.


From time to time we would get an irate customer that was demanding to speak to the manager, and I was always trained that you never hesitate to confront an uncomfortable situation. So, when those requests came across, I would grab one of the special cards and proceeded to hand it to the client while I introduced myself by name and never title.


Almost immediately, I always got the same question,

"Where is the manager, I asked for the manger"


So, I very calmly replied,

"That's me, I am him."


And again, like clockwork they would respond

"But that's not what your card says"


"I know, but since I am the guy who has to clean up the messes around here,

I felt JANITOR was a more appropriate title"


99.9% of the time, it did the job! It diffused the situation and allowed us to work toward a friendly solution.