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Re: QUESTION: Have You Ever Had to "Fire" a Client?

When I started to think of needing to change up my clients as needing to "fire" a client, it really changed my business.  At the time I was kind of letting clients walk all over me.  I didn't have any established protocols of my own and was still feeling like very much a novice in the field.  Realizing that I could fire a client meant also realizing that I had power!  That I wasn't an employee, but an owner of a service!  It gave me the change in mind-set I needed.


Flash forward to now and I still use that language to ensure I am in the right head-space when thinking about things and then when discussing next steps with a client that isn't right.  I also use the idea that a client needs to be 'released' ... basically to go on to someone that is better for them.