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Re: QUESTION: Have You Ever Had to "Fire" a Client?

Just had a fantastic exchange on this very topic over in @JulieatTheWELL's Momentum to $1 Million group! @Peter_G_Stone asked, 


"What are some proven and professional methods to disengage with [difficult] clients?? My business is growing and I would like to focus on the great clients and find more of them! It's no longer necessary to accept late payments, or the "I'm so busy" line as to why the client isn't holding up their end of the engagement. I don't mind cutting clients loose, but I would like to do it in a manner that is professional and will protect me as well!"


@LeahIlanah offered up this firing letter as a template, and @lynda and @girlFRIDAY - it's specific to the accounting industry so may be especially useful to you!