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Re: Payroll Tax applied on foreign C corporate owner

@mzenah, as a corporate officer, you are obligated to pay yourself a salary. This is not optional under US federal tax law. Although you live in Canada, the business is based in FL and this is where payroll taxes will be paid. I understand FL has no income tax, so most likely you will have no payroll tax other than SUTA for the state. However, I am unfamiliar with FL tax law, and I suggest you consult a knowledgeable FL CPA, EA, or other tax/accounting professional. 

Normally, on the federal side, you have 15.3% total FICA withholdings that will need to be paid. The company pays half for you, and is half deducted from your gross pay. There is also FIT that will vary depending on your gross salary amount. This amount must be paid with your other employees (if any) withholdings with the company's 941 payroll taxes. Frequency of payments (bi-weekly, monthly, yearly) depend on different factors.

Seeing as how you live and work in Canada, I'm sure there are more  complexities for you personally with the salary (i.e currency exchange). I advise you to consult a professional with multi-national business experience. Thanks, hope that helped some.