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As a matter of fact, I am so bullish on this concept; that when my clients ask for my input in a new business idea or business model, the first thing thatgoes through my head is "What would this YouTube Channel look like?"  And that starts many conversations about branding, image, what is the Unique Value Proposition / Differentiator, target customer, how the value needs to be communicated, etc...  <- Certainly not what a typical accountant does, sounds like "marketing" really... but there is nothing wrong with that?

Nope, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! QuickBooks has produced dozens of quick-hit videos highlighting small business customers (I've posted quite a few of them here) and I think they're very effective in telling just enough of the business's story to make me want to learn more. Creating a channel of 1- and 2-minute videos showcasing various facets of your business can be a quite savvy use of social media for branding and marketing. If you have the means and the skillset, why not exploit such an engaging form of outreach?



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