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Account Management

Hello Rjwbailey, 


If you are wanting the qbo in the qboa there is no way of converting it it would be a case of exporting the information out of the qbo account and into the qboa account. 


If it is just because your having issues trying to connect the mtd in the qbo account due to the qboa being connected to it and using the same log in details for that account as well, if you add your self as a company admin on the qbo account under a different email address that has never been used for Quickbooks before, accept the invite and create a password then log into the qbo account with the new credentials so it thinks your a normal user not an accountant user and you'll be then able to connect mtd using your gateway credentials and it will not say anything about your asa account. 


That is the two options you have. 


If you have any queries about this please reach back out to us again.  

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