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Change Invoice From Address - Quickbooks Online


I have found a few guides for Quickbooks Desktop, but nothing for online.

When I send invoices out of Quickbooks Online, I would like to change the "From address". Currently it comes from "[email address removed]", how do I change this?

My email address is defined everywhere else.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Dan,


The Community service automatically removes any email addresses posted, and so we cannot see what address you have sent, however we assume you have this was a QuickBooks email. There is no way for the sent from address to show as yours, as this is sent from the QuickBooks servers. If you need it to show as coming from your address, you will need to download the invoice and send it from your own email account.





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Account Management

I need to change our email address and contact  I am the new treasurer for Bethany Lutheran Church account #3315    I need all bills sent to Marilyn Mohan  - email [email address removed].  Right now the bills are being set to Renee Lovell  at [email address removed]    she should no longer be receiving any emails.  Thank you