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Let's get this sorted out for you, mary4054.

I'm here to provide the help you need and get past the TLS 1.2 warning message in QuickBooks Desktop.

This error occurs when the Internet Explorer TLS (Transport Layer Security) setting of TLS 1.2 is not enabled by default on your system. To better isolate this issue, let's ensure you log in as an Administrator or Standard User on your computer. 

Next, you'll need to enable the TLS 1.2 by following these steps:
  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.
  3. Go to the Tools menu on Internet Explorer.
  4. Click Internet Options.
  5. Click the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section.
  6. Check to see if you have TLS 1.2 enabled (checked).  If not, check the box to enable it.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Close Internet Explorer then reopen QuickBooks Desktop and see if that resolved your issue.

Once done, try opening QuickBooks Desktop again to test it.  

I'm confident this helps you get past the warning message when opening the software. Keep me posted if you have any additional questions, as I'm always here to help. Wishing you continued success.

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