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How do I create / view a report that shows how often per day each is person is logged in for, a type of activity log?

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Thanks for joining us here in the Community, eileen7.


I'd be happy to show you how to access an activity report. This can be done with the Audit Trail. Here's how:


1. Click Reports in the top menu.

2. Select Accountant & Taxes.

3. Choose Audit Trail.

4. Enter the date range you'd like to view.

5. Click Refresh to update the data.


With this info, you'll be able to see who has logged into the account and actions they've completed. I recommend checking out this article that offers additional details about understanding reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


I wish you continued success. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Unfortunately QB does not track this data.  There isn't a way to get it out of QuickBooks.