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When I got in to quick book , it says that our plan was canceled due to payment process .What do we need to do?

QuickBooks Team

Account management

Hello, and welcome to the Community, 843fss. You've come to the right place for assistance with getting your plan reactivated.

If QuickBooks is displaying a message like this, it's generally because we couldn't process your subscription payment successfully. Here are the usual reasons why this might occur:

  • The card is over its limit, has expired, or declined for some other reason (usually, you can find out why your card declined by contacting your card issuer).
  • The account number is invalid, or declining for insufficient funds reject. There are various other reasons why a bank may reject a transaction.

You can reactivate your subscription by following these steps to update your billing information:
1. Go to the Gear icon, then Account & Settings.
2. Find and open the Billing & Subscriptions tab.
3. Click on the Edit (Pencil) icon.

4. Under the Payment Method section, select Edit.
6. Enter your billing info.
7. Choose Save to complete your changes.

After you input the payment information for your plan, it may take up to twenty-four hours to reactivate your account. This will get your plan back up and running so you can log in without experiencing the issue.

I'll be here to answer any questions you might have.