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Etsy QuickBooks Self Employed

Hi There- So I am a newer business owner and i do a chunk of my business off Etsy and through word of mouth. I had quickbooks online and it was going fine but I noticed on my etsy account that there was a quickbooks self employed version which will integrate your etsy information. PERFECT! Much easier. Now here is my question(s). I saved my expenses from quickbooks online into a csv but my quickbooks self employed won't export them (do i have to go through and manually reenter every receipt ive had?) Which brings me to my next question. The other reason i liked self employed was because of their tax features but i noticed I cant enter COGS (which i have a lot of since i do woodworking and make my products) since it isn't a supply it's obviously not calculating my taxes correctly. How does anyone with etsy make this work?



Sincerely, a small business owner who is just trying to pay her taxes