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Account management

The Bank Feed is not designed to show Customer Payments on invoices.  The BF just simply shows you bank activity.  


If the deposits were made by you (e.g. checks) you'll want to enter the Customer Payment against the correct invoice.  This will then put the amount of the check into the Undeposited Funds Acct - think of this Acct as QB's version of the desk drawer you actually put that check in before you go to the bank. 


After you've entered all of the checks you've received from your Customers, then you can go to the  Banking Menu and Make Deposit.  This will open up all the entries you just made into the Undeposited Funds Acct.  Mark them off and select which Bank and/or Bank Account you want to make the deposit in.


Then when you run a Bank Feed, one of the deposits you download will match that deposit you just made.  Doesn't matter if you do this for 1 check or 100.  You show the payment against the invoice, then make the deposit. 


Now if your Customers are making ACH payments directly into your account, you should still have gotten some sort of notice from them showing which invoice they're paying.  If not, then you should still be able to figure it out. 


After you've run a Bank Feed and BEFORE you accept anything, show the payment in QBs.  So if you see a deposit from ABC in your BF, go to the Customer > Receive Payment and match the payment to the correct invoice or invoices.  Then go to the Bank Menu and make the Deposit as above. 


In theory the deposit will then match to the BF entry.  If not, you can manually match them. 


NOTE:  There are multiple ways to get to the Invoice to show it paid.  Out of habit I go to Customer > Receive Payment.  But if you go to the Customer Center or to outstanding invoices, it doesn't matter.  Do it whichever way works for you.


NOTE: You can also set up QBs to bypass the Undeposited Funds Acct and show the deposit directly into their Checking Acct.  But I've worked with various companies that have done that and they're always having issues.  Frequently they'll have multiple single deposits shown in Checking where the bank shows one big deposit.  So you think you may be saving time by bypassing the process of the Undeposited Funds Acct and the Banking > Deposit, but in reality you often end up with more work trying to match the BF.