QuickBooks Team

Account management

Good day, @julie121.


Welcome to the Community. Before we start, may I know if you receive this email from do_not_reply@intuit.com or any Intuit email? If so, you can contact us using this link to check your account for any company changes like phone numbers, primary contact emails, and so on: QuickBooks Contact Support.


Then follow these steps to chat with our representative:

  1. From the products menu, select QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click Search for something else.
  3. Then enter a brief query about your concern, click Search.
  4. Choose to Start a message.


Also, I've checked that this hurdle is already escalated this unexpected prompt to our Product Development team with the case code INV-49990. They are investigating what may have caused this, and we expect to have more information for you soon.


Please let them know that you received this kind of email so that they can attach your account to the INV case.


Additionally, you can check this article for more details on how to set up an extra security layer to secure your company information: Additional login and confirmation code to change account information.


Feel free to drop some comments if you have other questions after reaching them. I'd be happy to help. Take good care!