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How can i generate a journal report of 2019 for bank accounts only

as the journal report will show all the transactions in 2019, but I only need the journal for bank accounts
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Hello, celia3. 


It's my pleasure to help you run a report to show all transactions from 2019 and its bank accounts in QuickBooks Online.  


We can run the Journal report to view the transaction details in the account associated and modify the reporting period in QuickBooks Online.


Here's how you can pull up the report:


  1. Click on Reports.
  2. Enter Journal on the search bar.
  3. Press on Customize.
  4. Modify the Report period.
  5. Under the Filter, mark check the Account, and choose the specific account.
  6. Tap Run Report






Once finished, you can save the modified report on your custom reports tab for future usage.


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Dear Ailene,

If I do the journal report, it will come out the with the transactions with account type, Dr. and Cr. amount etc. however, if I followed your way to do the journal report, it only shows the bank side transactions and it don't showed the other side account type.

Please advise me how to fix it to show both side transactions details.

Thanks & Best Regards,




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Thanks for getting back to us, Celia.


The option to filter the report to show the bank account and the other account associated with it isn't available. 


As a workaround, we can export the Journal to an Excel file. From there, we can add the other account manually.


You can do that by clicking the Export button and then selecting Export to Excel.



In case you want to print a Journal Entry whether a single entry or bulk, you can refer to this article: Print a Journal Entry Report.


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