QuickBooks Team

Account management

Hi there, IrrigationPro.


Thanks for stopping by the Community this afternoon. If you're referring to a customer credit that you want to remove you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Select Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.
  2. Under Vendors, choose Check or Expense.
  3. In the Account column, choose Accounts Receivable.
  4. Enter credit, prepayment, or overpayment amount in the Amount column.
  5. In the Customer column, choose the customer.
  6. Select Save and close.

I also have a helpful article for you to check out down below:

If that wasn't exactly what you were trying to fix, please feel free to respond down below. We're more than happy to assist you and figure out exactly what's going on. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a nice Tuesday.