Level 1

Account management

SOLUTION: If you are having the exact same issue, then follow these steps. This is how I fixed my account, hope it helps. 

1. Please go to accounts.intuit.com and sign in regularly using your username(full email address) and password.
2. Please go to the SIGN IN and SECURITY page and go to the USER ID portion and click on EDIT or click on the arrow just beside the USER ID and EDIT the username to something unique instead of the full email address. Enter the password you used to sign in to save the information.
3. Once done, open the invite email and click on the link "Get access to your paychecks"
4. Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT or SIGN UP and then enter or create a password and confirm then click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow through with accessing the paychecks for the company. Please do not change the prefilled potion of the username with your full email address on it.