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Values are wrong during reconciliation of MZN currency accounts

When doing a Reconcile of a bank account in currency MZN (Mozambican Metical), the amounts that show in the “Checks and Payments” side are incorrect. It seems that for smaller amounts, the numbers are multiplied by 100 (for example, 47.50 in the transaction shows up as 4,750.00), and larger amounts are divided by 1000 (for example, 33,600 in the transaction shows up as 33.6 and 35,000 shows up as 35).

But the bottom left section showing the total selected “Checks and Payments” recognizes the real numbers (like the 47.50). And the bottom right section showing the difference between the Ending and Cleared Balance does the calculations using the real numbers, so I can go ahead and Reconcile the account. It seems like it’s simply formatting the amounts incorrectly in the “Checks and Payments” side since everything else seems to work fine.

In the “Deposits and Other Credits” side, the numbers are shown correctly, exactly as one would expect.

Once I figured out how to read the numbers (either divide by 100 or multiply by 1000), I can reconcile, so it’s not a show-stopper. I don’t know if this is happening because of something I’ve done incorrectly, especially since I don’t remember seeing this issue before this version (I use Desktop Premier Nonprofit 2018). But I suspect that there are not too many users using the MZN currency, so there’s a possibility that it’s a QuickBooks problem and nobody has reported it yet. This could be left over from the old MZM currency that was replaced by MZN in 2006 by dividing everything by 1000.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Two examples: