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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious...

I have to agree with the overall sentiment in this thread.  The arbitrary and sudden increase also comes with NO additional value added.  So I can't even tell my clients that the price increase is due to new features or functionality.  In fact, features that go through the lab rarely make it into the software.


This is a huge price for what amounts to a very basic accounting system.  I say "very basic" because even a basic accounting system should include more flexible reporting editors, a much better budgeting tool, and especially an asset manager.  Not to mention TO THIS DAY we can't lock prior periods without locking down all the estimates and invoices.


Plus to get any kind of robust feature set I'm constantly pushing my clients to additional monthly expense add-ons.  TSheets, Knowify, Fathom, etc... by the time I'm done providing a functional accounting system the business owner is looking at $175-$250 in monthly software.  That's not even including the new advanced pricing which is a total budget blowout.


I'm seriously worried this is going to send my bigger clients right back to Quickbooks Desktop or they are going to start pressuring me to use Xero or Wave.