Level 2

QB Online Backups


I am the IT manager of our firm and I have been tasked with making monthly backups of our clients QBO files.  This afternoon I spent a couple of hours making backups of my firms QBO files.  I went throught the process requesting a backup file and waited for the emails. 

When I start the download process, I am given the choice of 1) Converting the file for QB Desktop edition or 2) Creating a local copy. 

When you choose the 2nd option, you are left with a *.qbxml file that you can download.

I went ahead with the first option and went through the process of converting each of these files into QB Desktop company files so that the accountants can check the accuracy of the backups.


Even though, both choices result in downloading the *.qbxml file, from what I understand, the conversion must take place with QB Desktop open during the download process.

After doing some reading about the *.qbxml file that you get when you choose the 2nd option, (making a local copy of the online file) I cannot understand why this is even an option, if you are left with a backup file that:

1) You can not import into QB Desktop 

2) You can not use to restore your QBO.

Am I missing something?

And more importantly, if this is true, how many people are making what appear to be useless backups?

Just curious.