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Account management

Hi there, @JoeH1.


Let me help share some additional information about the email you're getting about your Intuit user ID for Payments.


If you're not using the Payment feature, it's possible that pop-up messages for products and services are turned on in your preferences screen. You can check this out by clicking the Edit menu and selecting Preferences


On the left side dashboard, select General then open the My Preferences folder. Make sure that the Turn off pop-up messages for products and services box is checked.



If it's already checked, go to Payments and checked in the Company Preferences folder if you have active online payments. You'll need to make any online payments inactive to ensure you won't get any email or notification messages from the Merchant Services.



This should help prevent any payment services notifications in your email and in QuickBooks. 


I'll be here to help you further if you have additional questions about getting email notifications from merchant services. Have a good one.