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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious and unnecessary way to bilk users out of more money.

@Anonymous wrote:

I am switching to Appfolio.  Makes no sense to pay $150 for QB when I can get a full service property management program for $250. Bye Bye QB

You do know that is $250 per month, right? Minimum charge. from 1- 200 units. And if you wanted to export the data (say to QB desktop) the minimum is $1200/month.


And as long as you do not have employees since I have yet to find a property management software suite that includes payroll.


Granted, in my experience, only small parttime landlords can get by with only QB as the CRM capabilities of any version of QB are non-existent.  I have tried several PM software from PropertyBoss to DIYRes(Yardi) and looked at AppFolio and even the cheaper Buildium but few will sync to QB as easily as propertyware does - some, like AppFolio will not even sync to QBDesktop, let alone QBO.


I have a dozen companies in desktop and in actuality with a legacy product, I pay nothing for Desktop - it is included free each year with my payroll subscription. Of that 12 I sync 8 currently from p-ware to QBDT.


Spoiler> I pay more per month for property management software than I do annually for payroll subscription but would never pay more for QB itself