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Re: I just want to express how pathetic I think the usage limits are. It appears to be an obvious and unnecessary way to bilk users out of more money.

Our goal is to make sure that your product meets your needs. Usage limits help ensure that as your business grows, you're using the version of QuickBooks that has all the tools you need to get deeper insights, save time, and be more productive.

above is  the INTUIT characterizaton  of the new limits.  Apparently we users are too stupid to realize what tools we need to gain deeeeeep insight.  thank goodness we have the kind folks at intuit looking out for our best interest--we are all much too ignorant to choose what tools we need.  


I would  be upset about another simple price increase, but to unilaterally remove features (and the number of accounts etc are all features) of the product that we all signed up for, have been paying for, and have built our accounting and reporting around--to remove those features and render the product unusable if we ever grow by one account AND to tell us that is not a price increase is incredibly insincere and condescending.


 I use QB to manage my farm, and I may lack deep insight but I do know pure unmitigated Bull Sh*# when I see it.