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QuickBooks Pro 2016 will not open files in multi-user

We just upgraded from QuickBooks Pro 2011 3-User to 2016.

The QB 2011 company file was opening fine in multi-user mode on our Windows Server 2012 and on the Windows 7 workstations.

Now after upgrading to QB 2016 we can only open the company file in single-user mode. It will not open from the workstations in multi-user mode.

  • I have opened the firewall ports, 8019, 56721-56727, 55343-55377 on the server to cover all versions of QB from 2011-2017.

  • I have shared the folder with the company data file with Everyone with Read/Write/FullControl permissions.

  • I have run the QuickBooks File Doctor utility on the company data file but it reported no errors.

  • I am running the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, and have scanned the folder with the company file. It is showing under the "Database Server" tab: "No files are connected."

  • I have renamed the company file .ND and .TLG files to .ND.OLD and .TLG.OLD and re-run the scan in QB DB ServerManager. No change.

  • I have verified that the services for QBCFMonitorService and QuickBooksDB26 are both set to Automatic, and both are started and running.

We need a solution now. We can only open and use our company data file in single-user mode currently.