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Hi Cath15, 


Between all of the different banks that are supported, and all of the connection requirements, there can be a number of different reasons that bank feeds can stop working - we do have tools that allow us to verify the cause of the issue and guide you to a solution, however there can be a number of reasons why the connection could stop working, so the best option if you're unable to see the cause for the issue is to reach out to our support team so that they can diagnose and resolve it with you. The causes can range from changing the internet banking login to security tokens to connection issues from our end, so the sooner that you reach out for assistance, the sooner we are able to initiate a resolution and raise it for a further investigation if necessary. 


If you do have any additional questions about this, definitely feel free to reach out to the support team using the options mentioned above, and they'll be glad to help you make the most of your client's bank feeds!