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Re: Reconciling accounts

Hi Vicki,

1. QuickBooks automatically pulls through an opening balance when the bank account is connected. This could be at any point in time but normally 90 days. You can delete this out by navigating to 'Accounting' on the left hand navigation menu, finding the bank account and clicking on the blue hyperlink that says 'Account History'. You will need to scroll down until you see a post that states 'Opening Balance Equity' or something similar. Delete this out. Alternatively if you do need to enter an opening balance change the date and amount to correct it here.

2. You can actually upload PDF's into an application called Auto Entry. If the accounts have quite a few transactions it can take a lot of time to enter these all in manually. Auto entry will create an excel file from an uploaded PDF which will then allow you to import this into QuickBooks directly. Alternatively ask if she has an online banking to download an excel or CSV file directly from there so you can upload it.

3. Which bank is she with out of interest as I know HSBC have been pulling through duplication's recently? For any duplication's you can tick the box next to each transaction in the 'For Review' tab in banking and then click 'Batch actions' and 'Exclude Selected'. This will then move them to the 'Excluded' tab meaning they have been omitted from your bookkeeping.

4. I would delete out everything and upload via CSV if this is the case.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,