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How do I record the interest charges from a credit card to QuickBooks?

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Hi bev8,


Recording interest charges is vital in keeping accurate records of your expenses, and making reconciliations easier. If you have the bank feed connected, you can easily add credit card interest by selecting your interest expense account. These can be created manually as well, and I'll be glad to show you how.


Creating an expense is just a few easy steps, and ensures your books are accurate:

  1. Select +New from the left menu.
  2. Choose Expense.
  3. Choose the Payment account.
  4. Choose an expense account Category such as Interest Expense to link the charge to (Note: You can make your own if you're not seeing one you need).
  5. Enter the amount and fill out the rest of the form as needed.
  6. Click Save and close when ready.

With these steps, I'm confident you'll have no problem getting this recorded. Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.