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Re: Matching bank transactions



In regards to your questions I will answer them in the same numerical points as you for ease of understanding:)


1. The match process in this instance is purely saying that it can see the transaction in the Quickbooks and nothing further needs to be done as it is allocated to the bank already so yes it is for reconciliation purposes and if you use the reconcile tool in the Quickbooks it will pre tick it so it helps with that process as well


2. The add process in the example you gave is giving you the add option because yes that amount is not deposited to a bank account so it will not find a match. If you wanted it to find a match instead on that transaction you would need to go to the plus symbol in the top right and then go to bank deposit and you can deposit the funds to the bank from there and you will see a match. But adding it as you are is fine. Yes the add will mark it as reconciled  for bank reconciliation purposes


Matching is mainly for bank reconcile purposes, to make sure what  you are entering in the Quickbooks and what is in the bank are the same, some people also use it on open invoices and bills as it will receive/make payment on them in the Quickbooks and you do not then have to physically go to the transaction and close it as paid


More information on matching can be found here


Any further questions just let us know