Level 3


Thanks @Kristine Mae

So I can see that it is blank.  It also looks like I haven't "reconciled" many transactions, in fact the only transaction that I can see reconciled is one right at the beginning when I loaned a little start up money to my business and then paid myself back :-)


All my other transactions are at "cleared" stage, but they do have the link to the online banking matches showing in the invoice when you edit the transaction in the register.  I have set this transaction to C now, but it still doesn't have the link.


I am not too worried as long as everything is sorted, but it still appears that there is some missing link, excuse the pun...


Just another question...at what point should I be turning transactions from C to R?  Does this impact anything in the books that I have been missing so far?  I see the Reconcile button, but are these OK at C, or should I be putting these to R once I see that my QB balance matches my Bank Account balance?


Thank you